Eeyer… ugly singaporeans…

27 10 2007

Yesterday I worked for 11hrs, including 2 breaks, 1hr each. Morning I reached the office to fill up a form and get changed to their uniform with a name tag that wrote “logistics” and my name above it. The moment I stepped into the selling floor, around 10 persons came to me and asked me for stuffs. Hey, I’m just a temp packer!!!

3 Steps U can do if a customer approached U and U do not know the answer: 

First step: Tell them politely, “Please give me a moment. I’ll help you check.”

Second step: Signal to your other colleagues/manager for help.

Third step: Do First step, go merry-go-round and then disappear. (Not recommended)

Afternoon is seriously slack… I re-folded the piles of towels a hundred times already. Getting bored, I then Gei Kiang go around to put back those items that are not belong to our section here to where they belong. While going towards the baby section, an auntie (also a staff there) grabbed me on my shoulders and said: “Xiao Mei ah, Lai Bang Zhe Gei customer, Ta Yao Zao Yi Fu, Ni Bang Ta Zao…” SWT.

The only busy time is only at night when that bloody hell machine spoilt at the time when many ppl came to pay… the only cashier must be very stress… cuz i stand beside him also feel stress… There is an auntie omg she bought 100 handkerchiefs… 1 costs 1.90 so 100 costs 190… somemore those are gifts for ppl… wow… rich auntie…


Woo… A job!

25 10 2007

Late afternoon when I am stoning infront of my comp, my hp rang. By looking at the unfamiliar number shown on my hp, my first thought was maybe a call from JL and I got it right. JL received my online application and I was told to do a one-day-job assignment at Orchard as a Packer. Basically is to stand at the counter next to the cashier and help to pack the items.

Attire to wear: WIB (Woman In Black) black shirt, black pants and black shoes. However i do not have a black shirt. In fact, I do not have a single black apparel in my wardrobe! Luckily i managed to find a pair of black pants which belongs to my mum. The black shoes was bought last time when I worked at Fairprice. I just need to get a simple black polo shirt.

Supposedly I was told to go for an interview at Marina Square first, then go to Orchard. I am very not sure about the location at Orchard because when the person gave me directions and all that then I went huh? but I still said Okay. Dun know also must say know. Later i received their call again and I will be staying at Marina Square. The caller then asked if I know where is JL Marina. I said, “Is it inside the shopping mall?” She replied, “C-O-R-R-ECT.” LOL SWT.

My auntie who lived in Khatib came her way to Bedok to take a toaster and wooden cabinet from us. So late then come. WTH. She went to do facial before she came. I helped her carry the toaster down and her friend was waiting for her at downstairs. I passed the thing to her friend then I went off to Bedok central to get my shirt and bought a nice one at Hangten. Woo getting ready for work tomorrow. Good luck to me.

Short-termed Goal

21 10 2007

Hello… back to blog again. This is my second post.


This few days I have been growing fungus at home so after much thinking, I decided to set a few short-termed goals. Like they always said, one must have at least a goal in life as a motivation for one to move forward. Better than doing nothing, I squeezed my brain juices and came out with these few goals for the moment.

Part-time job: $ x Infinite

Book: Jodi Picoult’s Sister Keeper, must finish reading before date due.

Yoga: Learn & Exercise everyday

Erm… Okay that is all I can think of at the moment. The first goal depends on my luck and the job agents. The second goal takes time because it is a great book but I need some time to digest it. As for Yoga…  I read that it can change your posture and tone your body and calm your mind and many many. Got a Yoga book. Learn it.


fucked up!

19 10 2007


fuck! i m such a failure

today i had a scolding from mum

my mind went blanked

i do not know what the hell i m thinking about

recently… i just felt so tired.

edit: o my! first post only already full of vulgarities! o well… as i m writing this… i felt a little better becoz at least dat problem was solved. dat means one thing less for me to worry abt. I shall treat this as my lesson. guan yin ma bless me.